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What’s a Bro-dal Shower Anyway?

bro-dal shower

Why yes, that is precisely what it is! 

This day in age, anything goes when it comes to your wedding. Tradition, be damned! It’s all about following your heart. A bro-dal shower, while atypical, is just that – a shower for the groom. This is not to be confused with a grooms’ shower (for two grooms) or a couple’s shower (aka a Jack & Jill Party). At the bro-dal shower, a singular groom is the star of the show.

Shower Origins

According to World Bride Magazine, bridal showers date back to 16th century Holland. In the event the father of a bride were against the marriage, or too poor to afford a dowry, friends and family of the bride would provide her with small gifts to help her begin the next chapter. In slightly more modern times (think late 1800’s), the term “shower” originated from the tradition of putting gifts inside a paper parasol and opening it up over the bride, so she was “showered” with them. To this day, bridal showers remain meaningful events in which others offer their well wishes, advice, and thoughtful gifts to help the bride begin her new married life.

Do Bros Really Want That?

Depends on the bro! Sentimental men may appreciate the meaning behind the shower and relish in a few hours spent with loved ones, honoring the next chapter of his life. On the other hand, a lot of grooms could do without, so long as they get their bachelor party! The two are not mutually exclusive. You may have a sentimental groom who would appreciate it in theory, but doesn’t want to appear as if the event is just a gift grab, or doesn’t want to add another event to a seemingly endless list of wedding-related events – both for his sake and the guests’!

So When is The Right Time to Have a Bro-dal Shower?

A bro-dal shower isn’t for everyone, but there are circumstances where it may be a good option:

  • Your colleague is getting married and you want to celebrate this milestone, so you throw him a low-key bro-dal shower at the office.
  • The groom is part of a large family of women who want to celebrate him but would not get to go to his bachelor party.
  • The groom wants a shower but not for the gifts, so insists guests just bring themselves instead (your presence is the present).
  • The bride doesn’t want a bridal shower (hey, it’s 2022 – anything goes!)
  • Your culture celebrates grooms in a similar fashion to how the US celebrates brides.

I Want to Throw a Bro-dal Shower!

That’s great! Making someone feel appreciated and celebrated during important moments of their life is never time wasted. If you’re looking for a bro-dal shower invitation, be sure to check out our template below! The invite is fully customizable and you can either send it digitally or get it printed to send in the mail. If you want a different design for the bro-dal shower invite, send me a message and let me know! I want to create things my readers want and I’m happy to take your feedback!