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Pressed Bridal Bouquet

bridal bouquet pressed in wooden frame
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The flowers used for your wedding have a short lifespan – but do they have to? Not if you decide to preserve them! There are many different options for bouquet preservation, including the following:

  1. Hang drying your bouquet
  2. Preserving them in resin – see our blog post about how to DIY this!
  3. Freeze drying
  4. Getting a painting made or photo printed (memory preservation)
  5. Getting your flowers pressed and framed

This blog post is about getting your flowers pressed and framed.


Professional Pressing

You only get one shot at preserving your bouquet, so some may feel more comfortable leaving it up to the professionals. Since I preserved my sample bouquet in resin by myself, I was happy to hand over the reins for my real bouquet. 

My bridal bouquet included garden roses, ranunculus, snapdragon, cherry blossoms, fern, and other beautiful flowers!

If you are going to get your bouquet pressed professionally, the biggest hurdle to overcome is physically getting your bouquet to the preservationist. Most preservationists require to receive your bouquet anywhere between 1 to 3 days post-wedding. 

When searching for options online, first see if there are any in your local area, but make sure you like their style and work. If you are unable to deliver the flowers, see if you have a trusted friend or family member who can drop them off for you. Alternatively, you could also use a courier service.

Some floral preservationists accept overnight delivery of flowers, which allows you to expand your search outside your local area. This will require you to package your bouquet appropriately and ensure it is promptly dropped off at UPS/FedEx/etc. Expect this to add over $100 to the expense depending on how far you are shipping it and the speed of delivery. 

Many professional floral pressers can only accept so many flowers in a weekend, so make sure you book with someone far enough in advance to ensure availability for your date! 

It may take a few months for your pressed bouquet to be finished depending on the shop’s volume. 

Also, some preservationists offer add-ons to your framed bouquet, or just alternatives. Some offer trays, coasters, and jewelry that include your wedding flowers. These can be gifted or kept for yourself. 

bridal bouquet pressed in wooden frame
My pressed bouquet from Wren & Olivia.

DIY Pressing

Where are all my DIY gals at? I LOVE a good DIY project, and this is something you could totally try on your own. To play it safe, you can always try with a random supermarket bouquet first and see how it turns out. Test your skills before it matters. 🙂

Steps to DIY your bouquet:

  1. Choose the Right Flowers
    First, you need to choose the right flowers for pressing. Not all flowers are created equal when it comes to preservation. Some flowers, like roses, daisies, and pansies, press well, while others, like lilies, do not. Talk to your florist about which flowers will be best for pressing.
  2. Pressing the Flowers
    The most common way to press flowers is by using a flower press. You can buy a flower press online, or you can make one yourself. To make a flower press, all you need is two pieces of cardboard, some newspaper, and a few heavy books. Sandwich the flowers between the cardboard, place them on a stack of newspapers, and then place a few heavy books on top. Leave the flowers to dry for several weeks until they are completely flat.
  3. Assemble Your Bouquet
    Once your flowers are pressed and dried, it’s time to assemble your bouquet. Lay out the flowers in the shape and arrangement you want for your bouquet, and then carefully glue them onto a piece of paper or cardstock, or directly to a frame. You can also add other embellishments, such as ribbon or lace, to complete the look.
  4. Frame Your Bouquet
    To truly preserve your bridal bouquet, you’ll want to frame it. Choose a shadow box frame that is deep enough to hold the thickness of your bouquet. You can also add other mementos from your wedding day, such as your wedding invitation or a photo, to create a truly unique and personalized display.


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I’d love to see what you come up with! Share your creations or any questions in the comments below!